Trip to Guatemala – day 3

I think I drove under the biggest cloud ever.  I calculated it to be 507 miles long.  I started in St. Louis and finally saw the sun half way through Mississippi.  Here is a shot of the sun in Mississippi.

But I am getting ahead of myself.  I traveled through Missouri, Arkansaw, Tennesee(just a corner), Mississippi and finally ended in Amite, Louisiana for the night.  It was interstate 55 all the way.  I stayed east of the big snow/rain storm, Rocky in Kansas, Oklahoma, etc.  This route was a little longer but only rain (and a big cloud).

I finally lost the snow in southern Missouri.

Like I said I drove in a cloud and fog all the way so I couldn’t see the skylines of St. Louis or Memphis.  I tried to take a shot of the Graceland exit in Memphis and this is what I got.

Yeah…I got nothing.  In Arkansaw I had the only really tense part of the driving when I got caught amongst a bunch of semis and they were all jockeying for position.

Till tomorrow.

Total miles today: 611