Trip to Guatemala – day 9

Well, I made it!  I left Comitan, Mexico after breakfast and arrived in Guatemala City about 6pm.  I really fell in love with Comita’n.  It is a beautiful city.  I want to return.  At breakfast asked the waiter for some “romantic” hotels and he gave me these names: Asienda Los Angeles and Hotel Lagos de Montebello.  I hope I can come back with Karen to visit here again.  Here is a shot of from my breakfast table.

It was great to see everyone.  Once I knew I could finish the trip, I drove non-stop.  :)  It was fun crossing the boarder in Guatemala.  Everyone was real friendly and very relaxed.

Here is me with the boarder guard and with the customs official.

Here is the first thing you see as you enter Guatemala, a little town called La Mesilla.

Here is a church I saw on the way to Guatemala.

Well I finally made it.  I will write a concluding blog in the next couple days.

Total miles today: 282