Todd’s Two Cents – Humility

This month I led some sessions on the topic of humility. A difficult theme for me. It seems like a paradox within itself. Other paradoxes like “in order to receive we must give” or “there is no learning without suffering” or “through surrender we find spiritual power” though paradoxical you can at least state the two sides of the process. With humility, it feels the word itself is a paradox.

Is humility something one can learn? I know some humble people, we all do. They seem like they have been born that way. My personal belief is that people can change so my hope is that humility can be learned. My personal experience is that I have only learned humility through humiliation. In order to learn to keep my mouth shut, I have had to open it at the wrong moment and say something stupid. In order to see the value in others many times I have had to discount their value first (e.g. dealing with children).

Also the mere recognition of humility in some way negates it. I’m the kind of guy who would say “Yes, I am humble”. In efffect brag about being humble. Certainly a no-no.

Humble people are a joy to be around. They are non-judgemental, honest, kind. It is a quality that you can feel and appreciate.

Here’s to being humble!