Trip to Guatemala – day 7

Today was a beautiful day along the Gulf Coast.  I started with a long walk on the beach (just across the road from Sarita) and ended in a beautiful mountain town called Catemaco. I saw this guy along the road about an hour after I started.  A real Tamaulipeco!

It wasn’t a long drive but it was slow going with many villages to go through and places to stop to take pictures of hills, breakers, sand dunes, red cliffs, inland lakes and bridges.  And you can see even though I need a shave, I’m having fun.

The beautiful spots were too numerous to mention.  But of all the towns I went through I think the ones I wanted to spend more time in were Alvarado and Santiago Tuxtla.  And of course Catemaco, where I spent the night and took the following pictures.

All in all a great day.

Total miles today: 220