Trip to Guatemala – day 8

I traveled across the southern part of Mexico from Veracruz to Chiapas, from Catemaco to Comitan.  I left Catemaco early, I didn’t even eat breakfast.  It was another day of beautiful country and safe travels.  I grouped the photos today as: Bridges, Sweet Country, Cool buildings in old towns, Churches and The Vista.

The Bridges:

Sweet Country (I think the last one looks like Minnesota):

Cool buildings in old towns (Catemaco, San Cristobal and Comitan all had old sections of the town that were very beautiful and would be fun places to stay — I spent the night in the old part of Comitan):

Churches (I love to see churches, there were so many on the trip I won’t be able to do justice to them with these photos…)

The Vista (there were many grand views on the trip.  Mexico has many mountains and hills and the roads I traveled climbed many of them.  This was one such view where I stopped at a ‘comedor’ and had a coke and talked to a gentleman there.  It was fun watching the birds.  I said to the gentleman, “It would be fun to be a bird here” — in spanish — he agreed.

Tomorrow I will be in Guatemala!

Total miles today: 322