Trip to Guatemala – day 5

I got to Mexico!

There are three bridges to cross into Mexico from Brownsville, Texas.  I know them all.  :)  I was directed by the fellow at the hotel to go to the Gateway Bridge, when I got there it was closed.  The fellow there said to go to the B and M bridge, so I did.  When I got across (and paid my 3 bucks) I was told by the Mexican fellow that I couldn’t get a vehicle permit at this bridge so I had to go back across the bridge and go to one of the other bridges.  So I did (and paid my 3 bucks again, and there was  a big line for this and the US customs guys made me take a bunch of stuff out of my truck and checked me thoroughly and I got in the slowest line — okay that was my fault)  So I checked again at the Gateway — still closed and I went to the Veteran’s bridge.  Easy over the bridge (yeah the 3 bucks again).  And no lines, but it did take a while to get the vehicle and personal visas needed and then there was kind of a big line to get inspected and take a bunch of stuff out of my truck again and have the Mexican fellows look at it.  Finally I was off!!!!

Matamoros was kind of a blur.  I was just trying not to get lost (I did once and asked for directions and boom! right back on track).  I took this pic of a cute little hotel.

Then I was off on a long (and straight at first) road to Victoria.  Where I saw mostly farms and the corn crop was already coming up.

Then my first stop was to buy some oranges in a sweet little town (called El Pueblito — I think).  I hope I got enough!  (that is $2 worth)

Then I stopped at a lake (Lago Vista) that looked like it was sort of haunted.

And finally I was in Victoria, a town at the foot of the mountains.  A beautiful little city.

And remember not to worry about me as the force is with me.

Total miles for today: 175