Trip to Guatemala – day 4

Well I made it to the boarder, through Louisiana and Texas.  It was a long drive, but I saw some cool stuff.  Like in Louisiana between Lafayette and Lake Charles they have an enormous bridge over the bayou country.  Above is a picture.

Lake Charles is a cool city.  I would like to come back and visit it sometime.  There are many of these inland ports along here, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, etc.  Here is a crappy picture of Lake Charles.

Texas was next.  It is big.  I listened to the Jimmy Roger’s tune “T for Texas”, highly recommended (not Jimmy’s version, but a big southern rock version).  Since I took a Bud picture in St. Louis, of course Texas’ Bud plant is bigger.

And also things started to get green here.  By the way, this is the flattest place ever, flatter than Lake Mile Lacs.  I saw a plowed field where there should have been some earth curvature but there wasn’t any, what’s up with that? Houston is a beautiful city and it is humungus!

I also stopped in a little town called Wharton, TX for gas and lunch.  They had a Teepee motel.  It reminded my of the movie Cars.

It was just getting dark when I got to Brownsville, TX.  I was very tired, a long day.  This picture sums it up.

Totals miles this day: 710