Todd’s Two Cents – New Year’s Carol

Twenty years ago, during the holiday season, I was thinking there are so many great Christmas songs but no good New Years songs. So, I wrote this song, “New Year’s Wish”. In so many ways I feel the world has changed in the last 20 years. And it seems to change faster every year. My wish for the new year hasn’t changed a bit.

New Year’s Wish

by Todd Thompson, December 25, 2001

Just what do you think the New Year will bring?

Surely a quest and some new offerings.

What will the months just ahead have in store?

Sisters and brothers, these things and more:

January, February may your toes be toasty warm.

March with a snappy beat to April’s thund’ring storms.

May will be the time of year when you fall in love again.

I’m wishing you a ten out of ten.

June is so beautiful, the flowers, bees and sun.

You’ll play so hard; July will seem like way too much fun.

August is the time of year when you take that great big rest.

I’m wishing you and yours all the best.

September, and October, see the colors, meet new friends.

Embraces and warm places will still November winds.

Holidays come ’round again, December soon appears.

I’m wishing you a wonderful new year.

So, what will the months just ahead have that’s new?

My wish for you is your wishes come true.

Happy New Year!


PS: another great New Year’s song is “New Year’s Carol” by Benjamin Britten, here’s a link: