Todd’s Two Cents – Gratitude

A few thoughts:

  • A good friend of mine told me this past week that he has a very serious cancer. I am very sad about this. We have shared so many good times over the years.
  • Today I talked to six people in Ukraine who are starting a new project to help people with their mental health. They asked me how things are going in Minnesota. I showed them the sunny, peaceful day outside by turning my camera out the window.
  • I had coffee with a friend today who told me that the doctor had changed his medicine and he was starting to work again a little bit. He has had a hard time earning any money and his rent is more than half his social security check.

I am grateful today for my health, my community and my friends. If you have an idea, a feeling, a notion, or just a hunch… don’t wait, act on it. Life is short.

Peace, Todd