Todd’s Two Cents – Dream Group

I belong to a dream group. A group that meets periodically to tell and discuss each other’s dreams (nighttime dreams). We have met for over 20 years. It is an awesome way to get to know someone, through their dreams.

This particular meeting, last week, seemed to focus on spiritual things. Dreams of communication with people that have passed away, sensing a spiritual energy in the dream that seemed to linger after waking, seeing a movie that sparked memories of childhood clairvoyance that was punished, etc. Discussions ensued about redemption after death, reincarnation, animal spirits, etc. When you are with people that value their dreams enough to gather and discuss them you are with a special group of people that believe in possibilities. This is a very empowering and uplifting experience.

I took minute and looked up a Pew survey from 2018 about how many of the general public believe in the “supernatural”. 62% said they believed in spiritual energy, reincarnation, psychics and/or astrology. So the majority of Americans believe there is something out there we can’t “see”. The survey is here:

I think the hereafter, the afterlife, spiritual beings, ghosts, intuitive knowing, etc. make life interesting. I recommend getting together with friends and discussing these topics.

Peace, Todd