Todd’s Two Cents – Mom

My therapist had me do an exercise the other day. She told me to think of my earliest childhood memory. What I came up with was when I was a preschooler, I would walk with my mom to the general store in Mora, MN called Zetterberg’s. I think it was two blocks or so. I can remember reaching up for her hand and how soft and warm her hand felt. From that reflection I thought of how my mom was my world and how safe and warm I felt and how I wasn’t worried about anything. With my therapist, over the last few months, I have been taking an inventory of my life that has turned out quite critical of my actions and inactions. She encouraged me to remember how hopeful and safe I felt in that early childhood memory and to take another look at the inventory thinking about it as a place for growth and for building positive relationships with myself and others.

This week I heard a song by Neil Young called “Helpless”. I think he wrote this while doing a similar exercise to what I just described. Give a listen…

Peace and love,