Todd’s Two Cents – Prince

The artist formerly known as Prince was/is an icon of Minnesota culture. I did have the opportunity to see him up in north Minneapolis before he was a superstar. Wow could he play/sing/entertain! I saw this little blurb on CBS online this week. I thought it was cute.

It made me think about growing up in Minnesota and in Northfield. If the crisis in Ukraine doesn’t even make us more grateful for the blessings we have here in Minnesota then I don’t know what to say… Whether it’s the Rock and Roll Revival or the Blue Monday Coffeeshop or the St. Olaf Christmas Festival or your church or Rotary or Lions club, this is a great place to live!!!

Take a minute to thank/high five/give a hug to someone this week to make sure they know you appreciate them and all they do. We never want to get complacent about our home, our friends and our community.