Todd’s Two Cents – Singing

I was substitute teaching 1st graders one day this week. At the end of the day we sang a couple songs. “Deep and Wide” and “Hi, My Name is Sew” They are songs with actions. I’ve missed singing during the pandemic. The kids were challenged by the words and the actions and afterward we were all laughing cause it was so much fun. I think singing builds community, clears the mind, prepares our psyches to be together, develops mind body coordination, breath control, memory and many other things. And not just for kids. The website reads:

“Research has shown that singing can be good for you on many levels. It may help lower stress, boost immunity and lung function, enhance memory, improve mental health, and help you cope with physical and emotional pain. One of the best things about singing is that you don’t have to be good at it to reap the rewards. You can sing on your own in the shower or to your favorite tunes on the radio. Or, you can join a choir or singing group for even more benefits such as connectedness and a sense of belonging.” I’ve been saying this for years. . .

Happy Singing,