Todd’s Two Cents – The First Snow

We are having our first snow of the winter season today. Even though here in Minnesota the winters are long and cold, the first snow always has been a time for optimism and hope. Not sure why.

Maybe it’s the beauty of it. The white flakes against the cold, gray streets and trees. It really is beautiful. Every snow flake is unique. They are pure white. They float when big and move together when smaller. If you stick out your tongue they are a cool treat. It is so satisfying when the pure white snow covers the dead grass and boring streets and makes all the houses look the same.

Maybe it’s the promise of it. It marks the beginning of rebirth. All the fields have to die to make room for the new crop. We have to let go of the warm summer months, the times at the lake, the baseball games, to make time for the off season. We must get our coats on for a while and rest and recuperate and look inside for a while. This strengthens us for the challenges ahead.

Maybe it’s just the holidays. Here in Minnesota the first snow means Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years; in other words food, presents and seeing family and friends. Of course this is stressful for about 50% of people.

Well, it sure is beautiful today!

Happy Holidays,