Todd’s Two Cents – Mayan Song

I’ve been running around, shopping for last minute items, on the phone and packing for my trip tomorrow. I’m going to Guatemala to visit water and sanitation projects I am working on that are funded by my Rotary club for three weeks. I’m exhausted. But I’m super excited to go. Guatemala is a country of peaceful people and it is good for me to be there. I’d like to think it’s good for them too as we are able to help them with their water and sanitation needs.

I’ll leave you with a Mayan song I sing with the kids when I am there. Here is a link if you want to listen:

Koonex, koonex, palexen

Xik tu bin, xik tu bin, yokol k’in

1. ¡Eya! ¡Eya! Tin uok’ol

Bey in uok´ol chichán pal

2. Le tun téecho´x-mak´olal

Yan tu k’in a uok’ostik.

Come on, kids, let’s go, The sun goes down.

Oh! Oh! I’m crying, just as a child cries.

You are lazy, but someday you’ll be dancing

Be good while I’m gone,