Todd’s Two Cents – Traffic Blockade

Greetings from Guatemala. It is 9pm on Monday night and I am sitting in a traffic jam from a manifestación (demonstration). The transporation workers have blocked the road. They are protesting new legislation requiring them to have insurance. (More exactly I think they are protesting the terms offered by the government in this legislation). These manifestaciónes are a way of life here in Guatemala. My mobility has been interrupted many times through the years on visits to Guatemala. I am trying to get to Panajachel site of my water projects. My driver and I have been stopped here for four hours. We are just waiting. We think it will clear tonight, but we are not receiving any definite information. Seems like it will take even more time to go back to the previous town as there are scheduled protests tomorrow too.

These cultural differences can be frustrating at times, but I try to look at them as an opportunities. I am getting to know my driver Ishmael real well. I actually wrote this here “Todd’s Two Cents”. I took these cool photos (cows, motorcycle, Ishmael and me) . I talked to Amber, Joe and my spiritual adviser on the phone (each call was essential) BTW my phone works here so you can call me. Things aren’t better or worse here, they are just different and therefore have potential and possibilities . . .

Holy crap. Things are moving. Where is Ishmael!!! (he walked ahead to look at the situation) I’m not making this up. It appears the cars ahead are moving after 4 hours, while I am typing this. Here he comes……Wish us luck!!!



PS: It is now Tuesday about noon, that movement we experienced, stopped again short of the blockade. We spent the rest of the night waiting. We arrived at 5:30am the next morning.  Quite a night!!!