Todd’s Two Cents – Chuiatzam


I am back from Guatemala. I spent 10 great days there. I visited three different rotary clubs and the site of ancurrent water and sanitation project funded by Rotary International. I got to sing songs, make new connections and make a start on finding new communities that need help. This project in the village of Chuti Estancia will provide water and sanitation for 391 families (1825 people). My most recent project was in a village called Chuiatzam (it usually takes me weeks of practice to say these Mayan names). It was finished this past year. I am so proud of the collaborations/partnerships that these projects have facilitated. For example, the pie chart shows the financing of the Chuiatzam water and sanitation project (250 families). As you can see Rotary’s $40,000 contribution was only about 35% of the total project. Truly a group effort.  –

Saludos, Todd