Todd’s Two Cents – Kayaking

Yesterday, Monday, friends and I went on, “The most exciting kayak ride ever!” My son Bryce is visiting for my other son, Gabe’s graduation. Okay, we were sitting around on my driveway eating some hot dogs and about 4pm someone says, “Are we going kayaking today?” I’m thinking, “ummmmm”. Bryce and his buddy, Ryan say sure, let’s do it.” So I say, “Yeah, baby!”. So we collected 5 kayaks, hats, life jackets, drinks and paddles and we’re on the river behind the Carleton stadium by 5:30pm.

The weather was perfect a little hot but comfortable, and the blue heron and swallows were out and providing great entertainment. Conversation was great with Amber’s son Derrick (12yo) and two thirty something guys and Amber and me. Amongst other things we were discussing the internet theory that all birds are government drones collecting information about us. J After a bit the eagles came out in force with awsome flying displays. In particular there were many adolescent eagles showing off in the increasingly gusty wind. Diving and gettting blown around in the gusts, they put on a show. Ryan had done a high school project on the old mill in Waterford and he told the interesting story about the life of that mill.

After clearing Canada Ave and while the eagles were still showing off, we stopped on a sand bar to skip rocks and shoot the bull, etc. Then someone, who had their phone (who brings their phone kayaking) says hey guys, we are under a tornado watch and there is a giant storm heading our way. So we got in the canoes and the wind really picked up, we paddled hard (now, when I say “hard” it means actually paddling and not just letting the current take you). It got a little scary as the temperature dropped and we began to see very dark clouds in the west. As we pulled the boats out at Alta Ave (why are all those no parking signs there) the wind was really blowing, the rain started and we had trouble getting the kayaks tied down. On the way back into town, we had the little back window of my pick up open holding on to the kayak by the rope to keep in from flying out (cause of course I did not have adequate tie downs).

All in all, a fun trip!