Todd’s Two Cents – You Are A Song

This week I am putting together a program titled “You Are a Song”. This is for a community building program I produce once a month entitled “Songs of My Life”. My friend and I developed this project 5 years ago. Usually the topics are like “community” or “grief” or “celebration”. This month I decided to explore the idea “If you were a song, what would it be?”

I started to think about what song would represent me. Knowing me, you might think that would be easy, cause I’m always singing. But I’m not sure which song (besides of course “Born to Be Wild”) fits me. My visiting son, Bryce said the Joe Purdy song “Let Me Sing to You” reminds him of me. I found an easier question is what is a song that reminds me of someone else or embodies someone I know or love.

My dad used to play a jig on the harmonic that he taught me to play (still the only song I can play on the harmonica). So when I hear a harmonica I think of him. My grandpa was a minister and he finished every Sunday service (or at least it seemed like it to me) with “Beautiful Savior”. My (tone deaf) mom played “Happy Birthday” on the kazoo for everyone on their birthday. etc.

This week, I encourage you to think of your favorite song (I think mine is “Hallelujah” or “Layla”). Or when you think of or hear a song, think of who it reminds you of. Songs are very powerful nuggets of energy that I believe are meant to heal us and remind us of our humanity.

The next local “Songs of My Life” program is at Vang Lutheran Church, Sunday, June 19 at 9am. If you’re interested, come. The folks at Vang are very friendly.

Peace, Todd