Todd’s Two Cents – Buy A Boat

I want to buy a boat. Do you ever feel that way? Usually it’s in the spring and every boat for sale along the highway, I stop and look at it or wish I could (when others are in the car, there is a price to pay). I have often wondered if this is a character flaw. I mean, this spring I already bought a boat and I am still looking at boats . . .

I guess it is wanderlust or a general “is this all there is” kind of feeling. For me growing up with lakes and rivers, a boat represents adventure for me. Maybe it was a boat my dad and I made when I was young. With Father’s Day coming up this weekend, take a minute to remember your dador say thank you to him if he’s still with us. My dad was a member of the Lion’s Club in Mora and later in Burnsville. Community was important to him.

Peace, Todd

Photo Caption: Me and and my dad and our boat.