Todd’s Two Cents – I Love To Sing

Motor, boat, oars, Greg, Dan and me on Lake Pokegama. One of the boats that that I sang along with

I like to sing. I have always been a singer. When my brothers and I were kids, while we would ride in the car for long distances I would sing quietly to myself. Usually a song I would repeat over and over like “Old MacDonald”. My brothers actually could hear me and quite often would tell me to “Shut up”, but I would keep singing, just a bit softer. Later as a teenager when I would mow the lawn, I would sing along with the mower. I remember one time I was singing “B.I.N.G.O” very loud and the neighbor stopped me and asked me if I was singing with the engine. I looked at him with, “Like, yeah, doesn’t everybody?” When driving a boat with an outboard motor, which I did a lot as a kid, I would sing with the motor. The motor has a certain pitch with which you can harmonize. It’s fun, give it a try.

Leading students in Colegio Luterano de Agustino de Guatemala

Now I sing professionally, I’m a songleader for churches and civic groups and have a band that plays in clubs and bars. I love to sing and I love to get others singing. I also like to play instruments and love the beat of songs, but my first love is singing. It has taken me a long time to be confident as a musician. When younger I was teased for my piano playing and later many projects were rejected or performances poorly attended. However, when I remember, I have always been a singer. This makes me feel good about myself and guides me in my decisions about life, love and careers.