Todd’s Two Cents – Let’s Get Physical

In my 40s I decided I was tired of lugging all the sound equipment around to play music in bars and churches. So, I got rid of my sound system. If the venue didn’t have a piano, I wouldn’t bring one. If they did not have an amp and speakers, we would not play there. I was proud of my downsize and I really did not think we had fewer gigs or invitations to play. But after some time I realized that I missed hauling all that crap around, all the heavy amps and speakers, all the cords, microphones, stands, etc. So I bought a new sound system that we use now.

There was something about the physical nature of the equipment that I missed. With a PA system, we could play anywhere. Yeah, I can lift that. I need a pickup, cause I got all this gear. It just feels good lifting and setting up all this equipment. Not sure why, but is does. Before we show up to a gig, there is nothing there. We build it. Yeah, it’s heavy, so what. Yeah I’m sweating, but because I can still do it, I’m gonna do it.

As we age or mature or whatever you call it, I think it’s important not to give up the physical things we do. I recently had a job where using a ladder was helpful. Others could climb the ladder, but I still was the one who went up. I like climbing ladders, yeah my knees hurt a bit and my balance ain’t what it used to be, but I can still climb up and get the job done.

The media is full of programs to walk, do yoga, play pickle ball, cycle, kayak, etc. These are all good and necessary physical things. But they are workouts or games. What I am talking about is physical, useful, creative things that are part of your life that you can still enjoy, even though you may not have to. Like shoveling snow, mowing the lawn, cleaning out the gutters, changing the oil in your car, going fishing with your own boat, even cleaning the house. Don’t give up these things, just because you can or your muscles hurt some, you’ll miss them. Doing them makes me feel useful, keeps me in shape and is a hedge against boredom.

Rock on!