Todd’s Two Cents – Read the Newspaper

Quite often in the morning, when I wake, I pick up my phone and start reading the “news”. There’s Facebook, Apple News, Yahoo News, my email, Google Calendar, Messenger, Whatsapp, Pedometer, Weather Channel, etc. This can go on for a while, sometimes to the point where it makes me have to rush to get to whatever appointment I may have to start my day or I get a head ache or my eyes hurt. I’m addicted to my phone. I do love my phone, but . . .

Okay, my latest attempt at breaking the habit is get up, walk to the grocery store in the morning, and buy a newspaper. You know, the bulky thing made of thin, sort of gray paper that sits on a stand usually near the entry way to the grocery store. I then walk home, sit down with some coffee and read it. I don’t read the whole thing, but maybe 30-50% of it. It takes about 45min. With the walk and the reading it’s about the same amount of time I would have laid in bed watching my phone. The printed newspaper has a much more positive set of news in it than the news organizations I subscribe to on my phone.

I recommend it. Also when you’re at the store you can get something yummy for breakfast.

Yours truly,